Business Description

EARN cryptocurrency through social media!

For 2 years I earned a living – from a hard one in the beginning to a pretty modest decent one with experience and a bull market. I don’t teach trading or what to buy. I simply help you to get on your feet, learn the ins and outs of this platform that pays you to post and then I’ll teach you how to sell the tokens that you earn for a small subscription fee which will only be a percentage of your earnings.

I’ll teach everything there is to know about your keys and security, I will help you set up the accounts necessary for sending funds to and from your bank, and I will walk you through the whole process of sending the money you’ve earned to your bank account. I won’t see a penny, until you see yours first.

The consultation is free. Here is where we can discuss the process and negotiate a fee and how much time you would like to subscribe. You can cancel your subscription at any time after what we agree as a minimum, at which point you will be given your owner keys, and a guide to change your keys so that I no longer have access. Then, you can gain access to a number of communities to continue your journey, including an alumni Irish community who also trained with me.

The free Irish people need their own currency. The digital Euro is in the making and will likely replace the Euro as a social credit system. When hyperinflation hits the euro and our fiat currency dies, as all fiat currencies do, without an alternative currency, we could suddenly be left in poverty, without an easy means of making transactions within our own community.

The digital euro is being planned as a replacement cryptocurrency. But it will be a centrally controlled currency, but potentially with the additional powers of a digital credit system that was not possible with cash. Although cashless society is not favourable, it is inevitable because we do not control our currency. In the future, as a decentralised community, we will use blockchain to control our own currency, so that no central banks or any central authority can decide when it should be printed or withheld or frozen. This can only be decided by democratic rules determined by the technology we agree to use. With blockchain being open source by nature, the markets will naturally choose the currency with the rules that are fair to the most people.

Educating people in the fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrency is our first step.

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