Peneleapai invited me to be a host to one of her gigs for the Sun and Moon tour.

My house has plenty of space so I excitedly obliged. What a tremendous gig it was too!

I invited all the local families I know, with kids from 18 months to 5 years and adults up to 65 years. Everybody had an absolute blast.

Peneleapai is one kind and beautiful soul with a fantastic musical talent. Her voice is stunning and varied, her guitar playing is tender, the performance heartfelt.

Her musical partner, Sean McLeod, is energetic and passionate. Together they played a really wonderful and varied set during the 2022 February full moon.

It was an honour to have such warm and humble musicians playing fantastic music to a captive audience in my house. Everyone so enjoyed the evening, which was deliberately coincided with the exact peak of the full moon, the timing of which happened to be perfectly fit for the family audience.

What a joyous relief it was to have a union of good, clean souls on the back of two discordant years.