How to use Use Monero (XMR)

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Monero is a privacy respecting electronic cash that allows for fast, inexpensive payments to and from anywhere in the world where every transaction is private and completely untraceable.

Get Started


Set up your Wallet

Paying in Monero is easy. But first you are going to need a Monero wallet. There are plenty of platforms to choose from but we recommend CakeWallet. Scan the QR code to download Cake and follow the instructions to get set up and create your very own Monero (XMR) wallet

cake wallet qr code

Get some Monero (XMR)

Now you’re all set up, you need some Monero. To do this, first create a new Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet in Cake, then click ‘Buy’ to use ApplePay/Card Payments to buy Bitcoin and exchange it for Monero. Easy!

Pay Invoices using Monero

Simply select ‘crypto payments’ as your Payment Method on your outstanding invoices. We will provide you with a wallet address; just choose ‘Send’ from your new Monero wallet and paste the address.

You can also send us Monero by scanning this QR code address from your Cake App instead. Just remember to let us know you’ve paid by sending us the Transaction ID and the Invoice Number to or via Telegram

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