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BodyIntuitive is a powerful and yet extremely gentle treatment. It is a most effective mind-body medicine modality with deep roots in quantum physics, epigenetics and Classical Chinese medicine. Using neuro-muscular biofeedback and a well-defined protocol, we will work together to decode and unlock the stories behind your health concerns. I will guide you through simple, powerful strategies to bring your body’s systems back to equilibrium, allowing your body to return to balance and so, it can do what it was designed to do –

Heal itself!

With BodyIntuitive, we have a variety of tools that enable us to mindfully listen to the varied stories and texts held deep within our bodies’ systems, both from a Western physiological and a classical Chinese medicine perspective. This blending of brilliant systems offer strategies to create lasting changes in our health and sense of well being, and I am thrilled to be working in this modality.

What would you like to work on today???

Treatments are personalized and involve unwinding the impact of our stresses, traumas, toxins, infections and previous health challenges on our health today. Each BodyIntuitive session is done safely and effectively, using acupoint activations to reset the organs and systems of the body, brain balances, immune resets and emotional releases. We address physical, mental and emotional imbalances such as:

Immune issues: Allergies, asthma, eczema, autoimmune and infectious disease, including acute and longhauler COVID-19

Chronic pain

Hormone imbalances

Mental/emotional concerns: anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm

Digestive issues: discomfort, bloating, food intolerances, constipation

Cardiovascular conditions

Children’s health

And more!

Text or email anytime…I’ll get back to you!

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€50.00 to €350.00
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